Chișinău is the charming capital of Moldova.
I only stayed five days there. Five days unfortunately spent at the hotel, for lack of available couchsurfers... I planned to interview Svetlana, the owner, but an unforeseen made me leave Moldova without being able to do so.
So I had to interview the person who was sitting next to me on the bus to Bucharest, Dimitru. So thanks to him you can enjoy the interview of a Moldovan dude, about Moldova, even if it was recorded on the benches of the piata universitate and the Bucharest international airport.

  As for the film itself, I wanted to show that a place that is not touristy is not necessarily uninteresting, and that it can by certain aspects be even more attractive than the darlings of tourist guides. I also take this opportunity to talk about a side subject. The "beautiful mess" for example. Because if in Ukraine I showed people a little nostalgic for the U.S.S.R., it had to be said that it is not everywhere the same. It’s actually far from being everywhere the same… I hope you will enjoy this report on Chișinău, and that it will give you the envy to go for a walk around the corner… “Let’s rise it to one thousand! "


  1. Splendid! This is so good! And also the soundtrack fits perfectly. It`s really interesting, you did a good job! It was worth the work.

  2. Very nice video. I like it mostly because in 10 mintes you succeded to retell a lot of information about this small country, and I can tell you, we have lots of places which you could visit. For exemple I'm living in Milestii Mici village, we have here the biggest wine collection in the biggest underground wine town. It is very nice inside. But let's say that you will visit next time and you will make my country famous for 10 minutes again. :)
    Thanks again for this beautiful video, we, moldovian people apreciate it a lot :).

  3. @Ayiani: Thanks a lot! And yes, I totaly agree with the soundtrack)
    @Natali: What you've wrote sounds really good to me, and you're totaly welcome! I'll try to make a biggest and more complete movie about your country if I come back there (let's say WHEN I'll come back there, héhé). I appreciate you a lot, you, moldovan people:)

  4. I am planning a trip to Moldavia and run accidentally on this blog. Interresting mini-documentary, with valuable infos. It seems you do a good work!

  5. It`s a pity not a lot of tourists go there, it`s a nice city...

  6. Vive la Moldavie ! It's nice if it helps to manage some trip... And "raise it to 1000"!