This video presents the project of a 52-minutes documentary that I started working on during a trip to Egypt, in November 2019.
Filming will go on in France and Israel when I'll find a production company to buy the project. What's the subject ?
  Today there are only half a dozen Jews in Egypt, while they were to more than 80,000 in 1947. This disappearance is the consequence of the rise of Arab nationalism and the return of a Jewish political power in the region, after 2000 years of absence.
  The documentary will highlight the modern exodus of the Jews of Egypt, while following the memorial battle of those who have remained and of the exiled ones who, from France or Israel, contribute or complete it.
  We will meet Magda Haroun (lawyer and president of Drop of Milk, association based in Cairo), Albert Arié and his son Sami Ibrahim (members of Drop of Milk), and also André Cohen and Yves Fedida (Association for the Safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage of the Jews of Egypt - ASPCJE, based in Paris).
  Also, from the local to the general, the film will deal with the exodus of Jews from all Arab countries (800,000 exiled); To underscore the universality of the suffering of exile, Palestinians who had to flee the 1948 Arab-Israeli war will also be interviewed.
  The story will be told objectively, and no facts will be overlooked. While leaving the floor to those who have lost everything, without watering down their speeches, the film will highlight the social actors who try to bring communities together through culture.

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