Six days spent walking around the city, partying and trying to unravel the mysteries of Adobe Premiere.
I am rather satisfied with the result, even if there are still some slight montage mistake and that the absence of a clear thread is sometimes felt!
The only real problem is that I only found Walloons or French people to interview. But after all Brussels is sufficiently full of French and Walloons to allow it... So in this stop you can follow Djezzy and Lara in their city, see the happiness of Paloma, become a sillyan with Fred and tell yourself with Guéno, Arthur and Mathieu that fries is not bad food!

   As for myself, I arrived in Berlin yesterday night.
First hitchhiking of the trip. I think this is the best way to get around. It’s not really easy when you stand on the side of the road with a sign, but as soon as you go to gas stations and ask people directly, it goes by itself.
Also it helps to meet people meet... A computer scientist in a 106, an engineer in a Scenic, an über-cool German in a Volvo or even a Polish in a Jumper... All as courteous as each others! Obviously the language barrier might makes a Turkish trucker to drive you in the middle of nowhere, but it's still nice, it makes you see the country...
I will try to take advantage of this void between two montages to try to take beautiful pictures, eat a few pounds of wurst and drink a few glasses of beer! See ya!


  1. Cool Alex, merci pour le commentaire et les jolies doses !
    See ya !

  2. donc, c'est meilleur ke la derniere session! sesese! i dono if it was on purpose or by chance (of course the artist always does everything on purpose ;)) but! what i like the most in this shot is the consequence and clear message. clear doesnt mean flat or one-dimensional. On the contrary! This departures board, guy tryin to find his own core hyhy at 2 at mornin in front of the bar, LGBT parade and also disguised guys at the end, this all builds the great & meaningfull dramaturgical thread in Ur shot. paradoxically quite different from that from berlin. let's say diversity v identity. blablabla. and the dead bird on the train as a symbolic freedom & free motion which is everlasting hyhy sorry, maybe it's my personal dramaturgical deviation ;) not maybe. it is. but still, i just want to say i love this video.

  3. Héhé, it was on purpose, yes:) Thank for loving this video!