Clément Elbaz was born in 1987 in Montauban, an origin which encouraged the desire to be elsewhere which made him cross, since then, nearly 60 countries. His first travels took place in Central Europe and the Balkans, with friends. Then came the time of the solo Grand Tours, a little further.
  It was so as not to let his experiences, reflections and encounters get lost in his individuality that he decided from his very first lone wandering to be accompanied by a camera... a laborious work in the first years, as it is true that video editing is a demanding discipline, and that the man has an unfortunate tendency to dilettantism. But he filmed places and people, learned by doing and always shared the results on the internet, for free.
  A first film was shot in 2008 between Istanbul, Krakow, Lisbon and Dublin. Then, in 2010, he left his Toulouse studio and his construction worker status to really leave, and make a series of weekly 10-minute documentaries that followed his discoveries of Serbia, Moldova or Ukraine... amongst others!

  Without house or home, he spent two years between hitchhiking, trains and buses. But a bit tired, he decided to put an end to this period and come back in Toulouse to settle and quietly edit the 12 films shot in 2011. This break, which was transformed after the making of two films into a sterile lethargy that must be admitted, nevertheless left him time to refine his ideas which guide the realization of its projects:
  A historical documentary has already been released in May 2018, and if the 12 films shot 9 years ago have still not been released, they have nevertheless not been forgotten and should be combined into a big one which will finally be released 10 years after its shooting. Another documentary film was shot in Central Asia in July 2019, and a professional project was shot in Cairo in December of the same year. Facing the relative boom of this welsite, Clément Elbaz decided to disperse a little more by starting to write various articles, and a book.
  The results of all these projects, completed or in progress, can be viewed on this website. The goal is to share ideas, trips and meetings... to make them available to everyone, free of charge, free to access and to share. The desire is to transmit as best as possible all that he has been able to learn, while giving those who are tickled by the desire to also travel, in the real or the ideal, to take a tour to see what can be seen and know what can be known.
  The content of this website is born from the movement, it must pass it on!