Teenager in 1941, oppressed resident of occupied Paris, Bernard was one day forced by the Vichy regime to go to an anti-Masonic exhibition... a visit which ultimately made such a good impression on him that a few years later, he entered in Freemasonry. This journey, a precious historical anecdote, is above all a beautiful proof that even under the worst propaganda, it remains possible to think by yourself. It is also to echo Bernard's snub to P√©tainism that I illustrate his point with Vichy's propaganda images... especially with the (in)famous conspiracy film Forces occultes. The most borderline movie buffs will appreciate it!

   Second historical portrait that I produced after the one about Maurice Teboul, this documentary that I decided to make after the chance of a meeting at the restaurant also deals with the Second World War, and it also has as its central character a gentleman who shot Nazis. Another remarkable common point: both heroes missed their vocation as military pilots.
   The difference between the two films, however, is that this one has no voice-over; to leave more space for the subject... and also to save myself a lot of work, I must admit. Ultimately it's very good like that, and it is in this format that I intend to do my next portraits. Have a bon voyage with Bernard... and don't forget: Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar !

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