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  Always, my films and my articles have been made and wrote during the free time that my bulshit jobs left me. It is then mpossible to be fully dedicated to my passions and, yesterday as today, no Catherine de' Medici to sponsor the modest blogger that I am.
  Hoping to put an end to this injustice, I have been playing the same Euromillions grid for 15 years. But since not everyone can have the winning ticket, I decided to write this article which defends and details what seems to me to be the best global solution to poverty!
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  This article is actually a manifesto noting the failures of liberal policies and the institutional systems that promotes it. This said, I propose an alternative solution: a change of Republic towards a new bicameral system, where one of the two chambers would be a permanent popular assembly. A solution inspired by the Citizen's Convention for the Climate of 2020 and which would allow us, finally, to highlight the concern for ecology!
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  Wanting to test the limits of the automation of our postal services, I decided to frank a letter with a stamp that has not been valid for a few years. It turns out that machines are not foolproof, and that humans are still necessary is some cases.
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