This page lists all the films I've made so far, classified by date of shooting from the most recent to the oldest.


  At 92 years old, a  French veteran of WWII  remembers his stories of war, and what led him to fight.
Actually: fortuity! And this film, the only historical documentary I have directed so far, is there to explain how, and to make the viewer thinking about the weight of will in face of history. Also it for once gives the floor to a simple soldier during all a movie, wich is quite rare but not unpleasant!
Maurice, a good looking and venerable veteran, cordially invites you to share his memories... the darkest as the best.

  Three men, one inflatable boat, one river. Here we will see the teaser of a movie that follow the adventure of three freshwater sailors, trying to sail from Toulouse to Bordeaux by the very wild Garonne. On an inflatable boat. This project will be no more than a teaser. But still, it's cool.

  Having always struggled to find videos of the cities I wanted to visit that are free from music and voiceover, I decided to help other travellers by editing all the videos I shoot here and there, and to share the result online.  
 Then the idea then came to create a participatory website to encourage people to do the same, and thus constitute a video database of the world as it is. It did not work! But it's still a half-succes, hence my videos of that kind now count over 300,000 views.
  To access the website, click HERE
  To directly see my YouTube playlist, have a click on the picture.  

- TOUR 2011 -

  Six months of hitchhiking from the Balkans to beyond the Arctic Circle gave to this website several films and clips.
This Grand Tour of 2011 made me crossed 25 European cities and  meet yougonostalgic dudes, naked actors, Poles disguised as smurfs or people prostituting themselves to save the Amazonian forest.
I've personnaly experienced a lot there. Being a beggar, because I had not enough money saved to travel that long, nights sleeping outside along the roads, but also the amazing sunrises of the Norvegian fjords or the gypsy dances of Hungary... a long and intense journey that led me to rethink a lot of certitudes I had about myself and Europe.
The films shot during this travel will convey the discovers and mettings that led to this evolution. Several years were necessary for their assimilation and very soon, they will all be gathered in a great 50 minutes film.
Meanwhile, this link to the right directs you to the reports of the first two stops. And some surprising clips! 

- TOUR 2010 -

  If you did not follow the blog during 2010, you can find on this page all the reports of that year!
Films were shot from May 10th to September 6th and are showing Kiev, Chișinău or even Belgrade in a journey of over 10,000 kilometers.
All the movies were made on the road, between two stops, to directly share a maximum of escapism, experiences and meetings...
10 years later, in 2020, it seems to me that the most interesting are those shot in KRAKOW or in SERBIA. You can choose to watch these ones or any other!
Have a good catching up, and see you soon in other lands!!!

- 2008 : 21 JANVIER -

  My first solo trip! Done with a camera in my bag and, in my head, the vague idea of filming my trip to share it with as many people as possible.
  After alsmost two months of wandering around, I returned home with eight hours of images and interviews, spread over twelve countries and filmed randomly by the road and encounters... the result is a report of almost 50 minutes, on Europe and travel.
  Movie remastered in 2022.