- 2010 TOUR: KIEV -

  A beautiful stop in Kiev, full of meetings. The only problem is that I can't transcribe them on screen as I would like ...
For example, the first girl is a journalist for an architectural journal, the first guy and the second girl are directors, the third girl, the only girl in the world who stays pretty under night shot, is a TV journalist, and Kolya is a professional chill outter… And this painter too! I would like to make a film about each of them!
But hey, as I said, these films are made to serve as a base, to make you want to go see what is happening "over there", and to know a little more about the people who live in .
In this report, I wanted to show the regret that some people have of the Soviet era. Truth be told, all of those I’ve met. Even though they are aware of the shortcomings of this regime and that they may have suffered from it, they regret the time when everyone had a job and a roof provided by the state. When - apart with the nomenklatura - there were no differences in wealth. Do a little research on today's rental prices, compare with wages, and you'll quickly understand their feelings!
This regret is something surprising that we are not necessarily aware of in the West, and I think that even today, as times seem to be softening, it is important to get the message out.
Otherwise, after the twenty days spent in this country, I highly recommend Ukraine... See you soon in Sebastopol!


  1. nice work! I am not sure evrybody really regret the communistic time but in a way thats true, it was sometime more simple... keep going!

  2. Not so much clichй, interesting work for a western guy... Xаха, joking! good job, continue:-)

  3. This is a very nice and interresting project:)

  4. Under the bridge...to get high...of music
    teufeur va !