- 2010 TOUR: PRAGUE -

  Prague. In order to be more sure of sleeping warm, I went straight to the hostel. Simpler, especially to wrap up Berlin's movie and find a subject to shoot in here.
The subject will be the "backpackers", this breed of traveler found in hostels, train stations and large squares, seeking for a few days or weeks to escape their everyday life - or to export it abroad.
I spent four days in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, editing and filming. But what I will remember from this stage will be less the Charles Bridge than people's reactions to my work. When you give your blog address to guys and that they come back the next morning to tell you that they have seen all of your videos and that they are still asking for more... It gives a warm boost!
Motivation unfortunately a little shaken by a sort of sneaky tracheitis caught during the next stop, in Krakow.
But I'm starting to feel a little better and the cutting of the capital of the kings of Poland's movie can begin. It will not be sad!

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