- 2010 TOUR: SERBIA -

  So here I am surrounded by mist and chickens, in Džep. A tiny village of 200 inhabitants southern Serbia. This place wasn't buildt for tourism, but I could over a few hours see trains passing and meet, inevitably, a Džepian (Džeper? Džepist?) ; house painter, and perfect example of the welcoming Serbian. First part of the film and first thing I wanted to show about this country: the warmth of those who make it live. And then, on the road to Guča, a short break in Niš. I took advantage of my passage in this city to speak about the Ottoman past of the country, essential to understand Serbia and Balkans (I would like to clarify that I really like Turkey and that I fock the semi-fascists who, because of his turbulent history with Balkans, would like to keep it away from an unhealthy “white and Christian Europe.” A secular and social Europe will suffice to contain all the idiots).
After that: Guča! Third part of the film, not really describable. The best explanation can be found in the few images I filmed! And then, direction Belgrade.
It was really there that I spent my best travel moments. I love everything about this city: architecture, locals, drunkards...
With BeerFest, one of the biggest damages I have ever participate in. And also with Nataša, whom I would like to thank here. Because not only she made me discover places in the city that I didn't know yet, also she did me a lot of help during my stay and finally because she also introduced me to Ivan.
Ivan finally takes us to the last part of the movie, the one that is closest to my heart. Because thanks to this interview, and after showing what I know about Serbia, I was able to say what I wanted to say since my first visit here, three years ago: That Serbs blood thirsty people described in some Western medias. And if I wanted to say that, it's because the way we talk most often about this country and its people sometimes makes me nauseous, and that it bothers me to see my Serbian friends feeling ashamed or angry every time they hear about their country on international news.
But as great as the Serbs are, we must not hide their dark sides and the years of war, and it is precisely this paradox between the recent past of this country, its distant history and what we sees in the present that makes the trip so interesting and informative. Hence the conclusion of the film, which I will let you see!


  1. I like this movie, good view about Serbia:)

  2. First of all bravo! for changing the esthetics of ur website! now it's more friendly to a viewer's eye :)
    the movie is so colourful & so dappled! i find it as a consequence of ur being aware of the political & cultural landscape of the region. so, nice job! i was nicely catched by ur seriousness in some moments, couse i suppose the yesterdays & background of the balkans is still present in everyday life. i like the interview with the guy in a cafe. he seems so helpless but on the other hand so cheerful.
    what's more? i am the biggest fun of ur interrupting the narration with some arrows, stupid photos, making contrast between the picture and voice (plastic or idontknowmadeofwhatkindofshit train & three questions :D).
    moi, our groupie forever! hyhy

  3. I'm so glad you could see the better side of our country! It's boring being main villains in Europe. lol
    We are shiny happy people most of the time, so thank you for seeing that.
    Greetings from Kraljevo, Serbia

  4. First, thank you Boja!

    Then, for my forever groupie - :) -, I'm quite glad about everything you're saying, especially for the stupid photos and the "idontknowmadeofwhatkindofshit train", that's the things I enjoy the most to do in my movies, héhé:) Wishing you all the best and the same kind of meetings if you pass by the same places!

    And thanks to Maja too, I'm glad that this report shows what is the real Serbia, and that Serbian people agree with it. Send cheers to Kraljevo, and see you around!

  5. Great report!!! I like the most the part of the beer fest, the song you choosed is a good summary of it:D

  6. What a nice report.
    You've covered our history, your experiences, and the mentality of our people, and blended it in a perfect way.
    I wouldn't be able to describe my home-country better in only 15 minutes.

  7. That's the best compliment ever Nik, thank you!

  8. Hey, I looked at your film today! I study film and TV production, so maybe I can be a good movie critic haha :) I just kidding!

    It is an excellent movie, I really liked! Very interesting, and one who does not know much about Serbia, he can learn many things from this!
    The only criticism, you didnt mentioned Novi sad hehe :)

    Best regards!

  9. Full of information and funny, great video!

  10. Thank you to show the real Serbia!

  11. Hey - I am certainly delighted to discove this. great job!

  12. I'm, for sure, delighted by your delightment, thanks:)