Over two years without a film. What a delay! It had been so long since I had edited anything that it was difficult to get back to it. But a year after my return, after two weeks of hard work and three days before the supposed end of time, here is the third session of my films!
For this first episode we will visit Ljubljana, a city that I love at least as much as the bureks that are served there and which, in this movie, will serve as a framework to talk about Yugo-nostalgia. Hear the nostalgia for the Yugoslav nation, and the concept of unity among peoples that accompanied it.
What was great for me there, apart from the fact that it was the start of my journey and that the beginnings are always happy, is that I was able to shoot all the scenes I wanted and, above all, to carry out the interviews I had planned.
I am therefore happy to announce that I have managed to find one of my idols at the bottom of a park: Roberto Magnifico! You will therefore be able, with joy, to listen to his clear words and his honeyed voice of Balkans crooner.
See you soon for the next film, shot in Budapest!


  1. Great report and great speaking about yugoslavia. Thank you!

  2. Moje mesto! I love my town!

  3. Totally agree... Thumbs up!

  4. Hey,
    It is interesting, the movie you made, the theme and people you have chosen and the motives of LJ and YU that were presented.
    Cool :)