Two years to start making Ljubljana's film, but only three months for this one!
Nothing really went as planned in Hungary. After my stay in Ljubljana, I wanted to meet the excellent Istvan Kantor and make a film about the revolutions. I realized once there that he was living in Canada for several decades.
It was therefore necessary to trust chance to find a subject, and the fortuitous meeting with a lord of the romani music, Antal Kovacs, drived me to make a film on the Romani people.

  So here is a report which gives voice to people belonging to minorities in a country with a almost-totalitarian government, and attacking unity in its nationalist form, wich is the worst enemy of universalism.
By the way some errors may have crept into the editing, as well as some spelling mistakes in the subtitles, but this is because I'm leaving tomorrow morning to hitchhike for a short vacation in Novi Pazar and Kosovo. All has been finished in the rush (it's three in the morning at the time of this writing)!


  1. I really enjoyed this video! Thanks for creating and sharing it. I am living in Varna, Bulgaria. This is my first time in Southern/Eastern Europe, and I am curious to learn about why people discriminate against Roma.

    Today I was walking by a Billa (grocery store) and a worker was taking out the old produce. There were two Roma ladies waiting with bags, but the lady instead decided to dump the oranges, strawberries, etc. straight into the dumpster instead of leaving it out for them. It's so sad people are lacking in humanity like that.

    Anyway, that's for the great video! I appreciate it.

  2. Sad but usual scene, yes...
    Thanks for your words, have a nice stay in Bulgaria (it's very nice people there, by the way:)!

  3. Nice blog. Tres bien. Je vaise pratiquer mon francais! merci. et je vais t'envoyer ma video bientot.