Here is a participative project on which I have been working since the end of May, and for which the fine-tuning and publicity take me time: The Meanwhile Project.
  The concept is simple: a participative website bringing together the best videos in as many places in the world as possible, to help curious people to get an impression and the motivated ones to share videos of what their cities look like. All the information is on the site. Just above, you have a video of Longyearbyen, to get an idea of ​​the concept.
  No need to tell you that I strongly invite you to take a look and send your own videos!

  EDIT 2017: Partial failure. After having a few participants, the lack of money to advertise and perhaps, also, my limited skills in web design made the project collapse.

  EDIT March 2020: The confinement imposed on most of the inhabitants of the planet makes me rethink the project, and I change the name of the facebook page to "Unconfined World" to support the depressed people in need of an anonymous crowd. Good idea, right?

  EDIT April 2020: New failure.

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