This documentary follows the journey of a tanker who, after leaving his native North Africa, ended the war by taking over the Berghof, Hitler's alpine den.
While this fancy nonagenarian is preparing to celebrate his 92's birthday with a parachute jump, he is asked about his stories of war... and what led him to fight. Because that is the most striking aspect of his career: Maurice was completely dragged by history, and did not really choose his place.
Was it rare? Of course not. But does History determine the destiny of everyone, great or anonymous? Everyone have to make up their own minds, but all I see is that the leeway is limited, and that if the place that fate offers suits us more or less, we usualy sit in it without too much dispute.
From this observation comes the conclusion of the film, a nod to Arendt. Because Evil or Good are almost always served by normal, "mundane" people, whom were driven by circumstances.
Here is the story of an anonymous hero of 39-45, a character ultimately not so mundane whose story will certainly captivate you and who, I hope, will drive you to  you reflect about the place we have in History... and about the side where our own mundanity can flourish.

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