The boredom of 2020 allowed me to remember that on one of my hard drives, the images of a remarkable adventure were waiting to be edited... the adventure of three young men from Toulouse and their reckless project: to join Bordeaux by the Garonne.
  Born during a solid drinking on the banks of the river, this idea materialized with the purchase of an 250kg capacity Caravelle K85 inflatable type boat. Precisely what it takes to carry a little equipment and the three bold young men of 232 kilos combined. On April 7, 2014, the Bob Dyla's crew was fit to board. Fit to share an adventure.
  Five intense and cold days followed, spent between dangers and meanders and passing through the exotic towns of Montech, Agen and even Langon… where the adventure ended in a tragic shipwreck.

Failure is the foundation of success.

  I do not understand what this philosopher meant saying that, but I prefer his quote to Frédéric Dard's one, who said that failure is the success of the douche. It's more lucid but a little harsh. Anyway, this true life lesson deserved more than a successful Facebook page and an article in a local newspaper. More was needed and, with the video above, here is more: the trailer for an epic film, itself the witness of an unique adventure... Have a good trip, sailors !

N.B: the adventure has not come to its planned end, thereby it is quite possible that the same will be true for the making of the complete film.

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