- TOUR 2011 -

  The 12 movies shot during the 2011's trip are not yet released. You can find just down the program two of them, and a few short clips I realised during the trip.

-A film about universalism and yugo-nostalgia in Ljubljana.
-A film about the rights of minorities in Budapest, by speaking and meeting with two of them: Gays and Romanis.
-A film about theater, Smurfs and censorship in Poland.
-A film about religion and freedom of speech in Latvia.
-A film about street art and the concept of beauty in Estonia.
-A film about the extreme right and people who do not like this between Lithuania and Finland.
-A film about travelling, in all ways, in Norway (Beware of the wonderfull Svalbard).
-A film about feminism in Sweden.
-A film about the rights of immigrants in Denmark.
-A film about eroticism in Berlin (very hot).
-A film about homeless people between Amsterdam, Brussels and Toulouse.
-A film about the fight against job precariusness and social insecurity in Paris.

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  In this movie we will explore the Slovenian capital city, that once was a Yugoslavian city. We will meet there the inhabitants that regret this time. With as a guest star the most famous of all: Mr. Magnifico!

  My movie about Ljubljana was broadcasted on Czech TV. I still don't know why, but I like the dubbling. Here is a little extract.

  In this movie we are going to met another legend, this time of Tzigan music: Mr. Antal Kovacs. We will also see the impossibility to reach unity in a nation where nationalism and religion prevails.
  If you like Gipsy music and Human Right, it's made for you!

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  4 minutes and 19 secondes of images to show, in a nutshell, all the places where I passed along this long trip!

  I have to admit that the main goal of this travel was to reach North Cape, the northern point of our beautiful continent, to challenge the cold and have there a naked bath. I did it, and here's a video to the glory of this moment.

  I had the joy to be able to go to Svalbard! There's there an abandonned Soviet city and, being as found of history than of Red Army Choir, I made this strirring videoclip.