- TOUR 2010 -

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- #1/ PARIS -
  First movie of this serie! After an introduction by a dude in a graveyard, we wille follow Sami to make a few visits : Eiffel tower, Père Lachaise, Barbès district... a city tour of this tourist coty without too many clichés!

- #2/ BRUSSELS -
   Everyone should visit Belgium, one day or another. Buildings are pretty, and we meet nice people there: Djezzy, who already showed us Dublin in my movie "21 janvier", Lara who shows us the Manneken-Pis, a brothel pianist and three French immigrant who came to study... and also the Gay Pride, and the district of the Marolles...

- #3/ BERLIN -
   Just three days in the capital city of Germany. It's very short, but it was enough to shoot some pretty pictures of the Kreuzberg's carnival of cultures, of squats and old bunkers... all that accompanied by a surprising Russian music !

- #4/ PRAGUE -
   One of the most beautiful cities of Europe and also, inevitably, one of the most touristic! We will meet there few representatives of the backpackers' variegated fauna. We will also meet, at the random of a nocturnal expedition, a mysterious american poet.

- #5/ KRAKOW -
  Again, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, but this time within its suburb one of the greates exemple of a communist neighborhood: Nowa Huta !  We will visit this place ridin a Trabant, before coming back to downtown to speak about culture, and notice that modernity is here as present as history. Welcome to Poland!

- #6/ LVIV -
  A quiet stop on a personnal point of view, chilly, and while I did not shoot a lot of pictures. But just to see a bit of this beautiful Ukrainian town and, most of all, the beautiful meetings we cans do in Ukrainian night trains, this movie is worth to watch!

- #7/ KIEV -
  If you want to see how the free parties happend here, if you want to meet and see dancing the great nephew of Charles Aznavour, or even if you're interrested by Krishna and vegetarianism, you can watch this!

  This movie is still in Ukraine, but in a city where the Russian military power stands! We will have a lil' ride trought the old soviet sea base, listen to Jack Jones and the opinion of a Russian man: Maxim. Geopolitics, sunshine and nice boats are waiting for you!

- #9/ ODESSA -
   One of the most beautiful cities on the black sea. It's pearl, according to people living there. Unfortunatly a few days after leaving the place, the tape was erased by mystake, and 45 minutes of a Moldovan salsa bar were recorded upon it... still, you can see here the interview of an interresting artist, and a few images of this very nice city!

  The capital city of Moldova welcomes 800 tourists per year. This is little. On of the main causes being the lack of mediatization of the place, I invite you to take a look at this movie and so at the very nice publicity Dimitru is making about his native town. Maybe you'll catch a nice idea for your next hollydays!

- #11/ BUCHAREST -
   Welcome in the biggest city of Romania! In this movie you'll admire the city, learn a bit about its history and visit the charming gypsy district of Baïkuli. You'll see, it's very nice. And people are chill.

- #12/ SOFIA -
   You know yogurt? Fine. So you probably heard that it comes, according to Bulgarians, from Bulgaria. It's even there a big national pride that you'll hear about in this film, along a sightseeing of the city and, in its quet surroundings, a superb song singt by Miwa, right in the middle of the woods.

- #13/ SKOPJE -
  Capital city of North Macedonia, ethnic and architectural mix... Skopje is worth to visit!
  If you want to see what is Sutka, the greatest gipsy district of Europe, to understand the political problems with Greece or to meet Georges from Seine-Saint-Denis, click on play!

  Thessaloniki is nice. A student city, quiet by day and festive by night that is here introduced by Tilemachos ; a student quiet by day, and probably also quiet by night.

- #15/ SERBIA -
   For my 6th travel in this country, I've shot this movie from Džep to Belgrade, passing by Niš but also by the incredible Guča Trumpet festival, that proves to us travellers that Kusturica's movies are no only based on his imagination!
  All this to show you what Serbia is: a cheerfull place, beautiful and full of welcoming people.

- #16/ THE WAY BACK -
  After four months of travels, i'm coming back home. And I finish this serie where it begun: Paris.
  Here I will speak about how it feels to end a trip, and also about gypsies. Why? Because some pretty nasty things happened to French politic during my trip. Apart from that, I'm closing this session 2010, and make an appointment for next year!